Main Hall

Facilities available: The hall is licensed for a maximum of 130 guests. We suggest not more than 80 or so for a wedding or party  to allow for table setup and movement while standing (should the weather preclude being outside on the lawn).  Overhead lighting is roof fluorescent lighting for sport/meeting use, or ten lights with dimmers for evening functions. Two heat pumps. Access to outside and lawn area. Fire extinguishers, (no sprinkler system). 130 chairs and 24 tables (1180 x 760 mm) are provided.


Main hall: 15.2 metres length, 8.95 metres width.

Stage: 3 metres length, 8.95 metres width.

Sound system: For CD’s – speakers.  Facility for ipod use.   Microphone. Stage lighting.

Car park adjacent, and lawn area outside main hall area.

We will make every effort to accommodate any special requirements you may wish, to make your event a special one for you.